Healthgrades Names Best Hospitals for 2018

Congratulations to Our Clients Who Made Healthgrades’ Top 100 Best Hospitals List for 2018!

Springboard Healthcare is honored to work with these leading U.S. healthcare systems as a partner in providing high quality cath, IR and EP lab staffing and education solutions.

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Talent Tribe: Latoya

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Announcing Our Heart Month Contest Winner



Remember Why You Love Being an EP, Cath Lab or Imaging Nurse or Tech?


As we wrap up our Heart Month celebration, we want to once again say “thanks” to all the EP, Cath and Imaging professionals who take such great care of patients.  We also want to thank those who participated in our Heart Month contest for a $100 Visa gift card and shared your stories about why you love working in EP, Cath lab or imaging.


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8 Smart Interview Questions to Anticipate


Whether you’re interviewing with a staffing agency recruiter or the facility you would like to work for you want to be prepared.  One way to prepare is to try an anticipate the questions you might be asked. 

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3 Ways To Improve Lab Retention


With a silver tsunami of Baby Boomers and a growing demand for services, today’s cardiovascular labs are very fast paced as they race to meet patient needs.  However, many labs are struggling with turnover and faced with running on short staff.

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3 Ways to Increase your Savings While on Assignment


Unfortunately, most people aren’t saving enough money for life’s emergencies that come up now and then and the big “r” word – retirement—down the road.  So what can you do to make sure you’re saving?  

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5 Tax Pointers for Travel Healthcare Professionals


Different pay in different cities?  What’s taxable?  What’s deductible?  Don’t let the IRS or financial aspects of traveling get you down. Working as a travel staffer is an enjoyable experience and shouldn’t be fraught with tax and accounting issues.  Follow those simple pointers and you’ll have a pleasant tax filing experience.

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3 Ways to Stretch Your Dollars and Enjoy Your Travel Assigment


With expenses and income that may fluctuate from assignment to assignment its critical to make the most of your money and meet your savings goals.  But at the same time, you still want to enjoy all the exciting places that your travel job takes you.  So what can you do?  Here are a few tips: 


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How To Jump Start Your Budget


Working as a traveling healthcare professional comes with a lot of fringe benefits.  Yet it also comes with temptations to spend more money.  Get tips on how to better manage your money and make the most of your travel assignement. 



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How to Ace Making Friends in a New Travel Position


Maybe you just started a new job.  Or maybe you’re thinking about taking a new job but hate the awkwardness of being the “newbie.”  Here’s some tips that can help you ACE making new friends at work. 

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